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Franchise and Shop Point

Enthusiasm, perseverance and tenacity.


INTERNI, a strong brand:

INTERNI born in 1987 as a specialized manufacturer of custom cabinets and wardrobes, but their origins are Joiners before this date. Therefore, the accumulated knowledge of the industry for so many years is so large that soon comes to lead the market, allowing you to start growing with the opening of new facilities.

In 1997 it opened the first franchised outlet, when the company begins to convey the true value of their know-how "KNOW HOW" as a franchisor.

In 1999 begins the true INTERNI growing business. Improving and automating processes and reducing the impact of incidents and delivery times are key factors that have proved decisive for the new stage of chain growth.

In INTERNI, we know the needs presented by a business of this nature, and not think of franchising as a distribution channel, since with each new outlet total bet its consolidation through the continued support of beginning.
This is the key to a stable and constant evolution, both in sales and profits. And is available at our Central Franchise.

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Folleto Contract

Proven Success - High Yield

Offer the product, quality and service in an establishment desired current is achieved with an appropriate specialization.

In an establishment INTERNI advises the client on the space to use, the materials, the most appropriate distribution, decoration and installation. This whole process is reinforced by a our software Exclusive "Intercad", which places the closet in the guest room and offers all variations and combinations you want. This custom process gets perform very demonstrative and tight budgets.


OBJECTIVE public INTERNI a store

  1. Customer end: INTERNI competes in the middle segment and medium-high prices, with your target audience women (80%) of 30 to 55 years, middle class and upper-middle, which are housewives (+ / - 50%) and / or workers.

  2. The developer or builder of residential projects

  3. the Decorator

  4. the Reformer

  5. The Promoter / prescriber Hoteliers projects (CONTRACT), etc..


CUSTOMIZATION: We manufacture Bedroom Custom Closet or Closet with custom, adapting to space, size and customer needs and budget.

QUALITY: United always innovation and controlled in our own manufacturing processes.

PRICE: INTERNI customers pay a fair price for top quality in all finishes and products.

PRODUCT WARRANTY: We guarantee that few manufacturers can afford 10 years to ensure our products.


BRAND: INTERNI spent 25 years creating a prestigious brand and WARRANTY.

BUSINESS TOOLS: INTERNI has developed several commercial catalogs and brochures with high display quality and product range.

THE WARDROBE and CLOSET BLOG: A highly visited blog which reports and advises the client end.

DIGITAL-catalog: We have over 250 professional photographs of different designs. Check it by browsing this page.

WEBSITE: Latest generation updated in January 2012, has become the best seller, with over 4,000 visits a month.

VIDEOS on YOUTUBE: more than 15 videos, some with more than 40,000 visits accumulated.

TOOL SALE: We have the best software "Intercad" to sell and BEDROOM CABINETS. The client becomes the designer of your own bedroom cupboard or the hand of the seller, once the design Intercad calculate the price and may be printed with the drawing of the exterior and interior of cabinet full color.

Selling FORMULAS: imaginative and attractive to the customer.

Complementary agreements with manufacturers: Our network of stores benefit from special prices as in a shopping center.

Operations and management: Is it your first business? Never mind. We provide the expertise to ensure its success and have everything controlled Intercad.

MANUFACTURING and SUPPLY: Manufacture own line with the needs of the network and allowing simplified order management, technical assistance in its implementation and monitoring.

SYSTEM LOGISTICS: INTERNI manages the distribution with its own fleet of trucks.

I + D + I: Group A maxim, the continuing investigation and research to improve sales systems, manufacturing and management.

ECONOMY OF SCALE: collecting all orders generated by the network in the factory of the Group and supporting it with a pricing policy and global payments most advantageous.

TRAINING: At the beginning and throughout the activity, giving real and continuous support.

BUSINESS RISK REDUCTION: The formula is so commercial INTERNI consolidated business risk is minimized.

You can contact us by calling 976 45 70 90 or via e-mail:


The Market

Every time we need more space in the rooms. The consumer needs to purchase cabinets with full utilization and firm prestige and guarantee that you customized solutions to their needs.

This facilitates the implementation of a INTERNI establishment at any location.

We have the solution for any family who needs to buy a custom CABINET Bedroom as or embedded.

INTERNI develops product demand today, offering a CABINET and FURNITURE NIGHT which differs with the rest, with incredible choices in finishes and colors. Always with the highest quality.

Our main lines of business through the shops are: The end, the developer or builder of residential projects, The Decorator, The Reformer, The developer of hotel projects (CONTRACT), etc..


INTERNI a profitable business.

INTERNI, coordinated organization

Grow. Improve. Advance. Progress. Thrive.

The franchise INTERNI

More than a selling point, a complete organization.

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